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Cutting edge treatment of anal fistula , fissure , hemorroids and sinus pinodilanis.

Proctology conditions such as haemorrhoids & fistula in -ano are very prevalent, although not life threatening these conditions are associated with very poor quality of life & embarrassment.

These microsurgical tool enable safe sphincter saving and almost bloodless and painless treatment.

During laser energy I delivered via a radial emitting optical fiber into anal fistula tract and is used to thermally ablate & close off abnormal pathway.

Laser energy induces destruction of the fistula epithelium & simultaneous obliteration of remaining fistula tract by shrinkage effect.

Benefits- the ability to deliver high power energy epithelium through a flexible small diameter fiber facilitates & expands many treatment options-

  • 1. Safe to use
  • 2. Reduced pain
  • 3. Quicker healing
  • 4. Better outcome
  • 5. Minimal post- operative complications
  • 6. Mostly done under L.A
  • 7. E.N.T- Laser became nearly indispensable in the field of E.N.T surgery.

The diode laser has depending on requirements of applications either cutting or coagulating effect.

The flexible fiber optics together with variable hand pieces make minimal invasive surgeries possible even under L.A. Especially when it comes to surgeries in areas where tissue has an increased blood circulation e.g tonsils / polyp. The diode laser allows surgeries with hardly any bleedings.