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Its a very innovative product from MEDELUX Company. MEDELUX is a well-known company for innovative products. This company medelux.co.ltd is a high tech manufacturers in CHINA Which has comprehensive coverage research.


1. Finish surgery rapidly
2. Instantaneous coagulation and safe operation
3. Reduction of edema and anaesthesia/analgesia
4. Less patient discomfort and good patient acceptance
5. Precision and control of operation
6. Clean ,astrictive and seamless surgery.
7. High efficiency, attracting more customers


Laser type: Glass/RF CO2 laser with infrared emission at 10.6 m wave length
2. Mode: Temoo Gaussian mode
3. Output power: adjustable from 0.530W
4. Aiming beam: 3mW 650nm diode laser
5. Control panel: Wide LCD Soft touch Microprocessor
6. Operation mode: CW 0.530W
7. Pulse: 0.520W
8. Peak value of Ultra Pulse: 300W Frequency of Ultra Pulse 1950Hz (adjustable)
9. Duration of Ultra Pulse: 10--900 s (adjustable)
10.Cooling system: Water circulation
11.Joint: 7 joints
12.Power AC: 110 /220V 50/60Hz Single phase
13.Dimension: 250x290x1050 (WxDxH)
14.Weight: 35Kg