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Brief Description:-

Its a very innovative product from MEDELUX Company. MEDELUX is a well-known company for innovative products. 30 watt diode laser from MEDELUX is based on latest technologies.


1. Metal RF CO2 Tube
2. Emitting quality laser beam with high purity, high energy and absolute stability.
3. Dual Scanning Mode: Dynamic, Random modes
4. Calibration system.
5. Emitting stable laser beam with high safety coefficient over a long term.
6. Adjusting the prospective value of energy output automatically.
7. Skin treatment prescription from superficial coat to deep layer individualized can be available.
8. High-speed scanning to shorten the treatment.
9. Two scanning modes ensure a more precise and convenient control of treatment to shorten the recovery time and lower postoperative risk


1. Laser type:RF CO2
2. Mode Temoo:Gaussian mode
3. Output power:Output power:15W/25-30W
4. Aiming beam:3mW 650nm diode laser
5. Control panel:Wide LCD Soft touch Microprocessor
6. Working mode:Fractional(Magic Pulse Technology)
7. Spot size:Min:0.12mm at the focus
8. Scanner Graphic: transverse line, triangle,rectangle,parallelogram, round, oval, semi-oval and rhombus
9. Duty time:100s-9900s
10. Idle time:1ms-999ms
11. Treatment Size:20X20mm
12. Cooling system:Air Cooling
13. Joint:7 joints
14. Power:AC 110 /220V 50/60Hz Single phase
15. Dimension:372X443X771mm.

DCR-15BS with Fractional Function:

1. Removal of wrinkles on eyelids, crow's feet and others around.
2. Skin tightness and enhancement.
3. Remove skin nevus, flat warts, senile plaque, seborrheic dermatitis, keratosis, syringoma and so on.
4. Treatment of pigmented lesions such as freckles and zygomatic nevus.
5. Local Hyperplastic scars, acne scars, burn scars, traumatic scars, surgical scars and Cooperate cure with chemical peeling.