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Endoest apex-02 Download Brochure

EndoEst Apex 02 is a professional device for determination of root canal working length (localization of the apex). Multi-frequency measuring ensures great accuracy in all canal conditions, including dry, wet and presence of blood.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1. Multi-frequency principle of apex localization – guaranteed accuracy of measurements in all canal conditions;
  • 2. Large well-read LCD screen for easy monitoring;
  • 3. Digital, graphic, light and sound indication of measurement results;
  • 4. Automatic activation at instrument inserting into the root canal;
  • 5. Indication of the canal humidity level ( «dry» or «moist»).

Key points-

  • 1. Function of apical shelf formation ( «virtual apex» determination);
  • 2. Function of sound signals on/off;
  • 3. Demo mode of device work;
  • 4. Indication of power supply batteries discharge;
  • 5. Energy-saving function (auto power shut-off).