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F6 sky taper Download Brochure

F6 is a single file system from Komet. Komet is a well know US based company and very popular for best quality of their products.


F6 is single file system. It is available in ISO 020,025, 030 and for wider canals we also have 35 and 040 additional sizes.


It comes in 06 (6%) taper


1. It is available in 21mm, 25mm and 35mm lengths.

2. 250-350 rpm (500 rpm max.)
3. Torque: 1.8 Ncm


  • 1. Establish glide path with hand file 015
  • 2. Use f6- 020 to full working length
  • 3. If required finish with 025, 30,35,40 according to size of canal
  • 4. Obturate with 6% taper Gutta percha


F6 are NiTi files with more flexibility and greater cutting efficiency.


  • 1. F6 has a unique double-S cross section which makes it more flexible. So it is very safe to use in curved canals, c-shaped canals, etc.
  • 2. It has sharp cutting edges which provide very good cutting.
  • 3. It has large chip space so that dentin debris doesn’t get packed inside the canal but comes out.

Key Points:

  • 1. 6% Taper to reduce extensive cutting of dentin
  • 2. Intelligent Double-S cross section for greater flexibility
  • 3. Sharp cutting edges for effective cutting of dentin and good shaping and finishing of canal.
  • 4. Large chip space to reduce clogging of debris
  • 5. Minimum 5 molars can be prepared with one file
  • 6. Reduce stress of multiple file system
  • 7. Can be used in any endo motor
  • 8. Pre-sterilized
  • 9. Additional sizes are also available
  • 10. Best used under 1.9 Ncm torque