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Mini Thermagic

INTRODUCTION- MDX [Medelux Co.,Ltd.] is one of the Top high-tech manufacturers in China, which has comprehensive coverage on research, production, sales practices of medical aesthetical resurfacing equipments.

Thermage is a magical technology which can achieve significant lifting, tightening and wrinkle removal and maintain the anti-aging effect for several years. Thermage utilizes RF capacitive coupling technology to tighten skin, stimulate the generation of new collagen. This advanced magical non-invasive beauty& shaping technology is non-surgery and non-injection, avoiding keenly felt pain. It is also high efficiency and safe, enjoyable during the process, no need for special care after cure, does not affect the life and work.


  • 1. little effect RF tips - working more efficiency.
  • 2. It can work 30-45 minutes after fully charged.
  • 3. Easy to carry - can do the treatment everywhere.
  • 4. Low, middle and high energy levels for adjustment for different skin types.
  • 5. Comfortable treatment, fast effectiveness and low cost
  • 6. Many more


  • 1. The world’s most advanced RF technology, tighten flabby skin intensively
  • 2. Stimulate deep layer collagen promotion and recombinant, lift sagging skin
  • 3. Realize comprehensive facial stretch, remove wrinkles
  • 4. Shrink pores effectively, improve rough skin, make skin fine and smooth
  • 5. Erase lines, enhance skin elasticity, and rejuvenate skin
  • 6. Ameliorate dull skin, fade melanin, whiten skin