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INTRODUCTION- MDX [Medelux Co.,Ltd.] is one of the Top high-tech manufacturers in China, which has comprehensive coverage on research, production, sales practices of medical aesthetical resurfacing equipments.

This product is a portable deeply skin care device using the cutting-edge high-tech - nanometer ion technology, it can make skin care liquid fine atomized rapidly and form a nanoscale anion essence spray on the surface of skin, penetrate into deep skin effectively, offer your skin perfect deep care. Using ultra high frequency vibration technology, instantly lead atomized ultramicron into every inch of the skin, keep skin hydrated and bright. At the same time as the water molecules have been converted into superfine particles, even using after makeup,you need not worry it will slide off.


  • 1. Fashionable appearance, fine workmanship Elegant appearance design, the fusion of the fashion and quality, reveal uncommon taste
  • 2. lightweight and portable Lightweight body design, supply moisture for dry skin anytime and anywhere
  • 3. Smart spray time control 30 seconds smart timing to prevent water mist condenses, make water ion rapidly penetrate into the skin
  • 4. Nano atomization Ultrafine spray jet, finer atomization effect
  • 5. Open type water tank More convenient to use
  • 5. Large capacity 10 ml of large storage water tank, save the problem of frequent water
  • 6. Many more


1. Before and after makeup: Provide adequate moisture and tighten the skin when using before makeup; provide water again and make your face fresh when using after makeup

2. When air dry: Whether in cold office or warm car or anytime you feel like moisturizing, it can be your water supplier.

3. Wrinkle removal and skin whitening: It can rapidly make the water into nanosize and spray out, help skin care essence to penetrate into skin, achieve moisturizing and whitening functions and so on.

4. Sensitive skin: When the skin were attacked or get sunburn, the use of the spray can make your skin feel more comfortable