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INTRODUCTION- MDX [Medelux Co.,Ltd.] is one of the Top high-tech manufacturers in China, which has comprehensive coverage on research, production, sales practices of medical aesthetical resurfacing equipments.

MThe perfect combination between the most advanced Electropolation in china with other four beauty functions, it has the efficacy of deep leading-in collagen accretion、tightening&lifting、wrinkle removal、whitening、skin rejuvenation、deep skin improvement and so on


  • 1.Electroporation Open skin microtubules, improve skin absorptivity
  • 2.Mesoporation For deep penetration of beauty essence into skin
  • 3.LED For anti-bacteria, acne removal and detoxification
  • 4.EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulate) For facial muscle motility, weight loss, enhance skin elasticity& luster
  • 5.RF (Radio Frequency) For collagen regeneration, skin tightening& lifting
  • 6.many more….


  • 1. Weight loss& shape slimming
  • 2. Non-Needle, Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive
  • 3. Safe to Use and Easy to Handle
  • 4. 100% WIRELESS, Rechargeable!
  • 5. Fashion design pocket massager