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INTRODUCTION- Med MDX [Medelux Co.,Ltd.] is one of the Top high-tech manufacturers in China, which has comprehensive coverage on research, production, sales practices of medical aesthetical resurfacing equipments.

MDX Colorama Ultrasonic Massager instrument is easy to use and contains lots of different functions in order to suit any skin types or problems. Skin facial massager stimulates skin without pain and the risk of high voltage burn. Your skin will become younger, more radiant, elastic, and smooth day after day while using it. That can accelerate blood circulation, speed up metabolism to recover the activity of the cells, reduce and prevent the wrinkles. The skin will restore its flexibility, luster and activity. This mini facial beauty massager is portable, convenient and easy to use. Ultrasonic facial massager also makes a great gift for the special one.


1. Ultrasonic Function--with which skin resonate The skin's own protective barrier function have rejection to external nutrients, most of general skin cream ingredients will be blocked outside, only a small amount are absorbed by skin.

MDX Colorama Ultrasonic Massager utilizes ultrasound in 3 million times per second to make the essence into nanosize, then lead into the skin, promote absorption.

2. Ion Function--Leading in& leading out Ion function is the use of ionic charge characteristics of opposites attract, form a local electric field between the skin surface and germinal layer, to achieve positive ions export, anion import these two big functions. metal ions, reduce the risk of skin spots and early aging!

Four colors high purity light-- Concentrated lighttherapy

3. Red: Activate skin cells, act on the areas with fine lines or sags, to give the skin elasticity, restore luster and the elasticity of the skin.

4. Blue: Can be used for acne removal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory care, prevent and ameliorate acne, ease skin grease, kill and restrain acne bacteria.

5. Yellow: Brighten skin, repair the skin coarse, quickly remove spots, fade melanin and prevent melanin composure.

6. Green: Say goodbye to the "yellow face woman"caused by radiation or lampblack, dispel dark yellow, whiten your skin