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DIODE LASER SYATEM DD-30A Download Brochure

Brief Description:-

It's a very innovative product from MEDELUX Company. MEDELUX is a well-known company for innovative products. 30 watt diode laser from MEDELUX is based on latest technologies.


1. Working Mode: Continuous, Repeat pulse.
2. Output Power: 0.5-9.5W and 10-30W adjustable.
3. Laser Type: Diode laser.
4. Wavelength: 980nm or 808nm.
5. Duty Time: 0.5-999MS.
6. Idle Time: 0.5-999MS.
7. Aiming Beam: 635nm diode laser.
8. Delivery System: 400um,600um,(standard)200um,800um,1000um(optional) diameter fiber.
9. Control System: Foot switch,LCD touch screen
10. Temperature: 5~40?
11. Relative Humidity:
12. Power Input: AC110V~240V,50Hz
13. Weight: 9.45kg
14. Dimension: 430,300,200mm


  • 1. E.N.T: staphyloplasty, cavernous hemangiomas, nasal hemorrhage, nasal sinus fenestration, rhinitis (chronic, hypertrophy, partial amygdalectomy, subglottic stenosis)
  • 2. Dentistry: Dental hypersensitiveness, gingivitis, pericoronitis, apicitis, recurrent oral ulcer
  • 3. Urinary Surgery: prostatic hypertrophy vaporization resection, cauliflower excrescence, partial nephrectomy, bladder tumor resection,scrotum cysts, hemangioma resection, ankylurethria, adhesiolysis, circumcision
  • 4. Gynecologyy: Cervical erosion, leukoplakia vulvae, condyloma acuminatum, fallopian tube recanalization, ovarian wedge resection
  • 5. General Surgery:varicose vein ,adenomammectomy, hepatectomy, splenectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, appendectomy, lumpectomy.
  • 6. Neurosurgery: Cerebral tumor, arteriovenous malformation, meningeoma, ventriculostomy, neuroma,
  • 7. Orthopaedics: decretal grain ,laser lipolysis,percutaneous laser disk decompressuer, meniscectomy, synovectomy