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Endorescue kit is a file retrival system from Komet. Komet is a well know US based company and very popular for best quality of their products. Instrument fracture during endodontic treatment can be an exceptionally stressful occurrence. Traditionally, the removal of fragments has been nearly impossible to plan and extremely difficult to execute. In addition to the dentist's challenge of effectively removing the fragment, the event can lead to an increased risk of postendodontic complications for the patient.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1. Initial situation: Fragment of a fractured instrument in a mesial root.
  • 2. Reshaping of the access cavity.
  • 3. The coronal curvature is straightened through axial movements to create direct access to the fragment,
  • 4. Preparation of the access right down to the fragment,
  • 5. The fractured surface is exposed,by drilling around the fragment.
  • 6. The fragment is surrounded and seized. A counter-clockwise rotation removes the fragment, which is firmly held in the trepan bur by residual dentin.
  • 7. The remaining third of the canal can now be properly prepared.
  • 8. Final situation after filling.