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Apex Locator is very convenient device for precise length determination (localization of apical constriction) Advanced digital technology based on firmware decodes the signals returning from the root canal as a result of the electric stimulus sent towards the apical constriction.
This device also calculate the RDT(remaining dentin thickness) and quantitative pulp.

Features and Benefits:

1. Accurate location of the apical constriction in changing canal conditions, including dry, wet and bleeding canals, through unique automatic adjustment of measuring current. Accuracy within 0.1 mm in the apical region.
2. Audible alarm. When the file reaches the 0.5 mm mark, an audible alarm sounds, changing pitch and frequency as the file approaches the apical constriction. This allows you to keep your eyes on the patient and the procedure.
4. Short cables prevent external EMI distortions that can occur in weak and sensitive signals that are typical of long cables.
5. Fully autoclavable accessories, lip hooks, holders, cables.
6. Power saving function (automatic shut-off)
7. Indication of the accumulator discharge. Easily replaceable battery and a long working life.
8. Dentin meter(remaining dentin thickness).
9. Pulp tester-calculation of clinical pulp state.

Key points-  
Multifunctional device.
3 color led indicator ,
LCD screen