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EndoEst Motor mini-B is a cordless, lightweight endo motor for simple and easy use in daily endodontic practice. It is possible to apply it with most major Ni-Ti Rotary files brands. It gives increased freedom of movement, ergonomics and user's simplicity. Safety features, such as Smart Torque Control and Integrated Apex Locator, make root canal treatment safe, particularly for beginners.

EndoEST Motor Mini-B is a product from GeoSoft Dent Russia. This Endo motor is well equipped with the latest technologies to give the best performance. It is cordless and used in continuous rotation. It has prefixed inbuilt programs compatible to most common file systems.


• Mechanical root canal preparation in EndoDontic treatments.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1. Extensive range of continuous rotary NiTi file systems EndoEst Motor Mini-B allows to preset 6 different torque/speed programmes in it.
  • 2. Built-in Smart Torque Control («Autotwist» or «Autostop» when attaining the set torque) minimizes file fracture risk.
  • 3. High-precision micromotor made by leading global manufacturer Faulhaber Company (Switzerland) guarantees high reliability of the device.
  • 4. Quick-detachable miniature head with rotation capacity of 360º ensures maximum visibility and access to 'difficult' zones.
  • 5. Lightweight ergonomic design , powerful Li-Po accumulator (allows to treat more than 30 patients + and makes work less tiring) Large LCD panel with all the chosen settings guarantees operator comfort.
  • 6. «Soft start» optimizes mechanical processing and prolongs a file resource.

Key points-

  • 1. Cordless
  • 2. Continuous rotation
  • 3. External apex locator could be attached
  • 4. Auto stop/ auto reverse
  • 5. Micro-head
  • 6. Pre-set programs
  • 7. Compatible with all rotary file systems
  • 8. Light weighted