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Gutta Est - is a cordless, lightweight device for warm gutta percha techniques intended for heating,vertical condensation(obturation) and cutting of gutta percha in tooth root canal.it is for simple and easy use in daily endodontic practice. It gives increased freedom of movement, ergonomics and user's simplicity. Safety features like audible signals is inbuilt.

Gutta Est- are made from material with the ability to quickly heat up and cool down.only the pluggers tip heat up to established temperature.it minimizes the risk of thermal burns when working in oral cavity of the patient.


Endoactivation of irrigant solution and vertical obturation in EndoDontic treatments.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1. except the main function (vertical obturation) the device can be used for endoactivation of irrigational solution.
  • 2. Combination of intracanal heating of irrigational solution to 50C and vibration improve debridement and the disruption of smear layer and biofilm.activated heated fluids promote deep cleaning and disinfection of root canals.
  • 3. Vibration during the plugger heating provides more dense obturation,that reduces the patient's complications after endodontic treatment.
  • 4. Easy use due to- .simple navigation .LCD-display with all the choosen settings(temperature,vibration).
  • 5. More comfort due to- .light weight ergonomic handpieces(55-85gm) .long life li-po battery. .individually adjustable parameters.
  • 6. Safe use due to- special audible signals - 6 fixed positions of plungers on device control units(no rotations)
  • 7. Thermo plugger automatic accuracy checkout functions and ability to adjust temperature to any type of plugger.
  • 8. Thermo plugger are disinfectable and autoclavable.

Key features-

  • 1. Cordless
  • 2. Vertical obturation
  • 3. Endo activation of irrigant
  • 4. Ultrasonic vibrations
  • 5. LED light illumination
  • 6. Thermo pluggers of different tip size
  • 7. Light weighted
  • 8. Temperature range 50*C -300*C