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IPL DX-100


MDX is a top high-tech manufacturers in china which has comprehensive coverage on research,production sales and practice medical aesthetical resurfacing equipments.

IPL is a medical technology used by cosmetic and medical practioner for various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic procedures,including hair removal,photo rejuvenation(skin pigmentation,sun damage,thread veins) and to alleviate dermatological treatments like acne.

The technology uses a high power,hand held,computer controlled flashgun to deliver intense visible broad spectrum pulse of light,visible spectra of 400 to 1200nm.

Various filters are used to cutoff lower wavelength especially violet uv light.

This is a mid segment model.


  • 1. Fast permanent hair removal
  • 2. Skin rejuvenation,lighten pigmentation,reduce wrinkle,shrink pores,increase elasticity, and restore skin luster
  • 3. Vascular removal,vascular lesion
  • 4. Breast lift
  • 5. Acne removal
  • 6. Many more………

Key points-

  • 1. 6 dual color LCD screen
  • 2. Cooling system inbuilt-air & water cooling circulation & treatment head with semiconductor cooling
  • 3. Pulse duration-1-50ms
  • 4. Filter wavelength-420/560/640nm(standard)
  • 5. Portable IPL equipment
  • 6. Power-800W
  • 7. 1 hand piece
  • 8. Filter wavelength-420/560/640nm(standard)
  • 9. Spot size 15*35mm(standard)