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LED light cure(alladin) Download Brochure


LIGHT CURE is a product from GeoSoft Dent Russia. This light cure is well equipped with the latest technologies to give the best performance. It is cordless and used in 3 different polymerisation mode.

Estus LED-Alladin (Multicolor) — is the one of the most versatile and powerful (transmitter power output up to 1500 mW/cm ) LED curing light. Using additional tips * the dentist can turn this unit into the multipurpose device.

Features and Benefits-

  • 1. Multifunctional using
  • 2. Increased transmitter power
  • 3. Removable plastic led handpiece (instead of the fiber-optic light guide)provides rotation of 360º
  • 4. The automatic handpiece type detection
  • 5. Noiseless
  • 6. No libration
  • 7. Unique and advanced inner construction, with reliable and high quality
  • 8. Large capacity LiPo battery can be used for a long time with full charging

Key features-

  • 1. flat design handpiece
  • 2. polymerisation mode
  • 3. maximum power 1500mW/〖cm〗^2
  • 4. multicolor light system with orange/red/uv