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CMS Dental is a Danish manufacturer developing innovative dental products. The company was founded in 1990. From 2011 CMS Dental moved the production to new premises in Jutland (Denmark). CMS Dental develops specialised dental devices and materials for use in endodontics and periodontology

3 Dimensional Obturation Soft-Core Obturation System :

  • 1. Less expensive
  • 2. Detachable handle
  • 3. Easier post space creation
  • 4. Gamma irradiated obturators packaged in individual compartments

5 Soft--Core Obturators are manufactured with a radio-opaque plastic core coated with injection moulded thermoplastic gutta percha.

6. The handle and insertion pin may be removed leaving a hollow portion in the coronal section of the core. This facilitates post space creation using core removal bur.

7. Soft-core is available in size #20 through #70. The taper is compatible with all file systems.

8. The Soft--Core Package is designed with six individually sealed compartments to avoid cross contamination of the obturators, each compartment has an easy peel-off seal.

Soft-Core Heater:

The Soft-core heater can accommodate 4 obturators at one time ideal for multi-rooted teeth. The heating time is 60 seconds. However, the unit prevents overheating to allow use of the obturators as they are needed.