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Product Description :

Essential Dental System Ultrasonic tips are specially designed with micro-hatches on the surface for better cutting efficiency and made up of hard medical grade stainless for best strength. They can be used in Endodontics procedures, from Access cavity wall refinement to canal opener and irrigation as well. We have 6 different types of tips for different applications.

EDS 1 – The easiest and quickest way to achieve post removal
EDS 2 – Quick removal of core material and gross shaping of access opening.
EDS 3 – Access cavity wall refinement..
EDS 4 – MB2 (2nd canal in the mesio buccal root) scouting, refiner, and trougher
EDS 5 - Canal scouting, opener, and refiner.
EDS 6 -- Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation (PUI) Ultrasonic activation of irrigant to aid in removing biologic debris and the smear layer. Using a simpler, safer, and more cost-effective technique

Key Features:

  • 1. The cutting tip is unique, scientifically designed Micro-hatch cutting pattern.
  • 2. Highest fracture resistance
  • 3. Superior cutting efficiency
  • 4. Less clogging of dentinal debris
  • 5. Remarkable field of view
  • 6. Made in USA for great working precision